Review Pronouns

Pronouns are words that take the place of nouns. Replacing a noun with a pronoun makes writing less repetitive.  Pronouns change form depending on how you use them in a sentence.

Using Subject Pronouns
Use a subject pronoun in place of the subject of a sentence.

Barry wrote Lana’s speech. He made sure to check each fact.
Barry and Lana edited the speech together. They agreed on most of the main points.

Using Object Pronouns

  • Use an object pronoun as the object of the verb in a sentence. The object may directly receive the action of the verb.

Lana beat Councilor Kaye in the election. She defeated him by several hundred votes.

  • The object also may tell to whom or for whom the action is done.

The majority of voters chose Lana. They gave her their vote.

  • You can also use an object pronoun as the object of a preposition—a relational word such as for, of, in, to, between, or with.

Lana gave her thanks to the voters. She was grateful to them.

Subject Pronouns Object Pronouns
Singular Iyouhe, she, it meyouhim, her, it
Plural weyou they usyou     them