2.1 Nouns, Pronouns, and Agreement

2.1 Nouns, Pronouns, and Agreement

Lesson Introduction

What are you doing right now? You are reading things on a thing so you can learn about it, right? You may be using a thing to write things or you may be drinking that.

photo of a woman studying

Do you see how important nouns are to understanding language? Nouns are the words we use to refer to specific things. Words, computer, language, pen, notes, and coffee are all nouns that make the sentences above clear. Without specific nouns, language would be a hopeless confusion of vague terms.

This lesson will introduce you to some of the most important rules you can use for correct usage of nouns and pronouns (words that take the place of nouns), which will help improve your writing and communication.

The video below shows an example of one type of question that you will encounter in this lesson.